Plastic Straws Suck

Let’s admit it. We all have used plastic straws sometimes in our life. We loved bright and colorful straws when we were kids. What’s a birthday party without straws?! Some people still can’t imagine drinking beverages without a straw. Because of their size, people often think that straws are less harmful to the environment and easily degradable. Sadly, that’s far from the reality. It’s fascinating how something can be so small and unnecessary, but so damaging and harmful.

Small straws, like any other plastic, have a short lifespan, but long-term environmental damage. Most plastic straws aren’t recyclable. As a result, a large quantity is found in the landfills. Straws are easily lost and could end up in the oceans and seas. When ending up in the ocean, straws are easily swept up into ocean currents. There’s a high chance that a single straw may end up in the digestive system of animals. In that case, consequences for a sea wildlife can be fatal.

Plastic straws are made of petroleum bi-product polypropylene, which is a particularly harmful form of plastic. Polypropylene fuels our cars and is extracted from oil. This type of plastic never breaks down completely, so even a small part will forever remain in nature.

What can we do? Say no to plastic straws. Don’t buy it and don’t use it in the restaurants. Drink your beverage without a straw or use an alternative for a plastic straw. Some great alternatives to plastic straws are paper straws, stainless steel straws, organic straws, ice straws, silicone straws.

Skip the straw

Stop using plastic straws. Whenever someone offers you along with drink, reject it. Consider using alternatives to regular plastic straws.

Spread the word

Spread the word among people and, especially, in hospitality organizations like restaurants, caffes and clubs.

Save the planet

Collect and recycle the disposable plastic. Organized beach and landfill cleanups are a great way to reduce environmental footprint.

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Join us in our mission to raise awareness of plastic straws impact.