Demand for plastic straws is growing each year rapidly. In the USA only, more than 500 million disposable plastic straws are used each day.

The mission of the PlasticStrawSuck campaign is to reduce the use of plastic straws and educate people on the environmental impact and health effect of plastic straws. Our goal is to raise awareness about this problem, motivate others to stop using plastic straws, and encourage them to spread the message.

It is also important to educate companies on this issue so that they could switch from plastic straw production to the produce of biodegradable and reusable straws.

Plastic straws put the environment in danger. Every piece of plastic every made is still somewhere in the environment. They’re manufactured from the specific form of plastic, which is not bio-degradable. Toxins released by plastic pollute air, food and affect our health. This type of plastic degrades into smaller pieces and can last forever. Ocean wildlife often consumes the plastic. That way, plastic is becoming part of our food chain. Some plastic cannot be digested by animals and can kill marine life.

Slight percentage of plastic straws is recycled. Most people don’t recycle, so large quantities of straws are lying somewhere in the world right now. They usually end up in landfills, beaches, and oceans. When arrives in the ocean, plastic waste is carried along by ocean currents. These trash collections are known as garbage patches, and they’re very harmful to marine wildlife.

What is the solution? Don’t use plastic straws or use less. Your drink will taste equally good even without them. If you love to use them, consider getting alternatives for plastic straws. They’ll do the same job as regular ones and are available everywhere.