There are many alternatives to plastic straws:

  • paper straws are biodegradable & 100% compostable. They even come in different colors, so you absolutely won’t notice any difference.
  • Organic straws are biodegradable and are made from renewable material (i.e. corn plastic);
  • glass drinking straws are reusable and easily washed;
  • stainless steel straws may be a little more expensive, but are reusable and easy for servicing;
  • Ice straws can be home made. You just need an ice straw mold.
  • Silicone straws are 100% reusable and are easy to clean.
  • Straws made from borosilicate glass, natural bamboo, and titanium;


  • Begin to reject plastic straws in cafes and restaurants: you can drink your beverage without disastrous consequences for the environment. However, say no when you order the drink, so the waiter doesn’t bring the straw. Even when used for a few seconds, plastic straw is immediately thrown in the garbage.
  • Talk to restaurant and café managers. Explain to them why plastic straws are so harmful and why they should avoid using them. Inform them about plastic straw alternatives, which aren’t that different from regular straws and aren’t expensive. Guests won’t notice, but the planet will be thankful.
  • Spread the word in your community, talk to friends and family about this problem. People aren’t usually informed about dangerous consequences of plastic straw usage.
  • Use straw alternatives or no straw at all. What’re 15 minutes of unnecessary pleasure compared to hundred years of harmful impact on the environment?!
  • If you do need a straw due to a physical condition or because of some other reason, consider buying a reusable straw.